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CCS works continuously to keep our position as leader of international freight forwarding ranking

Air Freight

Since the beginning of forwarding activities, CCS became aware of the potentially enormous development of transportation by air.

International freight forwarding leader

CCS offers to his customers a wide range of logistics solutions

Yacht and boat

CCS assist customers for transport, customs clearance, boat validation and registration

Sea freight

As primary activity CCS offers to customers tailored services of market needs

CCS Cutillo Cargo solutions

Tailor logistics solutions around the world!

CCS Cutillo Cargo Solutions, new company name of Otim Genova, is specialized in both international sea and air shipments. Our company finds its roots back in 1948, in the field of international shipments – at that time mainly by sea – thanks to the personal experience collected in this area by the founding members. Today, we are able to provide to our customers tailored logistic solutions from and to any place in the world.

Sea freight

Since the beginning of his activities CCS, new

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Air freight

Since the beginning of forwarding activities, CCS, former

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Out of Gauge transport

Experience in exceptional transportation gained during half a

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Since the beginning of its activity CCS, new

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CCS, new company name of Otim Genova, transports

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    2023 Rules

    In the picture aside the schematical representation of the Incoterms® 2022 Rules.

    Per ampliamento personale, selezioniamo impiegati già con esperienza nel settore addetti al servizio di customer service import/export, ufficio amministrativo da inserire nella nostra sede di Genova. Si richiede almeno fluente lingua inglese scritta e parlata. Come da nuova normativa GDPR si prega firmare il consenso dei trattamenti come da modulo allegato
    CCS offre alla propria clientela la possibilità di verificare in tempo reale status “visto uscire” della propria merce digitando il numero MRN. CCS on February 2010 became AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) recognized by US C-TPAT. Approfondisci
    Since 1994 CCS has worked according to the regulations UNI - EN ISO 9001 and in 1996 OTIM received the certification by RINA (Italian Naval Registry) - certificate CISQ number 119/94.

    CCS developed and established its organization through the years by working for highly renowned customers and dealing with some of the most important industries in Italy and on abroad.

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    Since 2010 CCS has gained the European Community certification as Authorized European Operator (AEO). View the certificate.

    Since 1994 CCS works in accordance to UNI-EN 9001 regulations and in 1996 received CISQ certification from RINA
    CCS provide safe and secure transportation to its passengers, leading the airline industry
    FIATA, The global voice of freight logistics”, is the largest non-governmental organisation in the forwarding industry
    Since 1994 CCS works in accordance to UNI-EN 9001 regulations and in 1996 received CISQ certifications from RINA


    C5C network ensures a high quality level of its agents worldwide via a comprehensive selection process
    CCS is member of Connecta, airfreight association of independent forwarders that unites companies from around the world


    All partners in WCA Projects Network provide clients with an excellence of service in order to meet critical deadlines
    WWPC has 21 years of proven networking success with international freight forwarders throughout the world