Quality Policy

The present document certifies CCS Cutillo Cargo Solution’s commitment to quality, understood as timely satisfaction of customer requirements, with the aim of constantly improving the service provided.  
With this in mind, CCS Cutillo Cargo Solutions strives to maintain its position among the best companies in the field of international logistics, especially concerning import and export shipments by sea.
We believe that customer requirements not only have to be satisfied, but also recognized and anticipated according to the service provided and the specific needs.
Therefore, the Board of Directors has decided to adopt, since 1999, a quality management system based on the standards imposed by ISO 9001 regulations.

With this document, the Board of Directors establishes the goal of maintaining the above mentioned certification according to RINA requirements during the annual audits.

With a view on self-enhancement, the Board of Directors establishes some guiding lines to orientate the present and future activity of CCS Cutillo Cargo Solutions, defining the following quality goals:

– Continuous updating and anticipation of the new regulations and technical innovation concerning our field.
– Customer retention and consolidation of the newly-developed foreign markets. 
– Commitment to the continuous training of the staff.
– Growing interest in documenting and solving all possible defects in the Management System, searching and systematically removing their causes.
– Strengthening and control of the relationship with suppliers.

The Board of Directors is committed to act in order to have these goals, as well as the specific programs of performance enhancement implemented with this aim, understood and shared by all its partners and to tirelessly work to overcome any application problem.
New enhancement goals, consistent with the guiding lines established in this document, are set during the annual review operated by the Board of Directors, in order to put into practice the strategic vision of CCS Cutillo Cargo Solutions.