Boat & Yacht

Boat & Yacht: CCS, new company name of Otim Genova, transports every day any kind of cargo everywhere in the world door to door. Since the beginning of hits activity CCS does this job with passion and professional. Our experience allows us to offer a rapid service, able to resolve every need of a company and the private Customer as well. Transport, clearance, homologation and registration of boats from recreation don’t have any secret for our organization. The conclusion of each type of practice is a part of our service "keys in hand". Are you looking for a boat? Buy it where you want it. All the rest it's up to us.

Since the beginning of its activity CCS, new company name of Otim Genova, has been paying particular attention to the transport of equipment and machinery of exception weight and size, and has now reached a high level of experience and professional skill in transportation by land, by sea and by air.
This is why CCS has developed this service offering to his customers the best transportation quotations on ALL IN “door to door” bases worldwide export and import.
CCS grant the best market condition with particular attention to delivery terms and schedules.
Upon request, CCS offer to his customers the possibility of our staff to assist and oversee the loading and discharge operation.

CCS offer vessel and air charter assisting loading/unloading operation with own qualified team

Out of Gauge transport: Experience in exceptional transportation gained during half a century's activity enabled CCS to develop land transportation services by road and by rail. Particular attention was paid to handle industrial materials in exceptionally heavy and large units, as well as to implement combined transportation (road + rail) for container, which allows remarkable cost savings. Moreover, a specialized department is in charge for the transportation of motor boats by land.
Air freight: Since the beginning of forwarding activities, CCS, former Otim Genova, became aware of the potentially enormous development of transportation by air. After obtaining the IATA license, CCS invested its human and financial resources in strengthening a department that, during the years, was able to adjust itself to the rapid evolution of this means of transport. CCS can count on a dense network of partners and agents worldwide, on a highly advanced information system connected to the major airline companies for monitoring of cargo and on a remarkable bargaining power with the carriers. This is why CCS can offer its Customers state-of-the-art services at competitive conditions.
Sea freight: Since the beginning of his activities CCS, new company name of Otim Genova, considered the sea freight one of its primary activities. Throughout the evolution from conventional System to containers from ro-ro to self-sustained vessels for the transport of exceptionally bulky items, CCS has always adjusted its handling increasingly high volumes and ensuring door to door transportation all over the world thanks to our offices, partners and agents worldwide. CCS  handle import and export customs clearance at any Italian sea and airport. By sea CCS is operative on the main ports, but not only, of  Genova, Livorno, La Spezia, Napoli, Salerno, Gioia Tauro, Ancona, Ravenna, Venezia, Trieste e Savona. By air Malpensa, Linate e Fiumicino. CCS, leader in the chemicals transportation, arrange all export/import formalities necessary for the shipment of dangerous cargo. mill sholders 145tons each